Tell Your Friends! - EP

by Iceman: The Band

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I feel obligated to follow in the footsteps of every acoustic guitarist who writes sad songs and put something long and pretentious here. Honestly though, I don't think I could write anything that wouldn't just take away from the songs, you know? I mean, that's what you're here for. So, I guess I'll just use the space to tell you a few fun facts about these songs.

New House: I wrote this one in the basement of my new house. The song should speak for itself from here on.

The Lake Superior Blues: I think this one's about someone who got caught up in some bad stuff despite being a good person coming home after a stint in jail. But I could be wrong.

Good Old Pennsylvania: This one comes from the same vein as New House, in that it's about returning home to something after moving. The town it's set in is Harding, PA. I actually almost called the song "Please Come Home to Harding" as a reference to the Mountain Goats, but it seemed to direct.

Straight Six: I didn't write this song.


released January 20, 2016

I recorded and mixed this whole thing by myself, but the methods with which I did it are super boring. Imagine instead that I recorded them all on the road at stage performances or in hotel rooms or whatever. Just make sure it's cool.
Yeah, just like that. Perfect.

The Entertainment (the band) is me, Peter, and my guitar, who's name is Elizabeth.

Special thanks to Mercedes Sandoval, since this was basically her idea.



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Iceman: The Band Massachusetts

Hi! My name is Peter.
This band is called Iceman: The Band. It's a reference to Eugene O'Neill's 1939 play The Iceman Cometh, and it works because to think I'll ever be any good at music is a total pipe dream. Thanks!

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Track Name: New House
The dog got into my food again
But I can't stay mad 'cause he's my only friend
Out here where the nights are too long
And the stars are too bright

I used to think I had a future
But that's been proven untrue
Ever since I moved away from you

And it was so easy
To leave it all behind
But it was so hard
To leave

It looks like I've left home for good
But I've got a house in the woods
The people won't hurt what they can't see

Picked up a job at the local drug store
But it feels like every day they hate me more
But sometimes when I ask they'll talk to me

And things have been bad out here for a while now
But maybe someday they will get better

I'll just keep holding out that hope
And as my mom says, "people change like the weather"
Track Name: The Lake Superior Blues
I ate a bug the other day
it didn't taste so good but that's okay because

I'm coming home now
I'm coming home now
I was running with a bad crowd
I wonder if they know howto dance
I never gave them the chance

The whole town's covered up with snow
The wind whips off the lake and the houses glow but

I'm coming home now
I'm coming home now
I was institutionalized
But they said it wasn't a big surprise
I guess they could see it in my eyes

And my enthusiasm grows
As ol' jack frost gets my nose
And I try to get lost in the way back when
before the more recent stuff comes up again

The lady tells me where to go
But i'm not in a rush I take it slow 'cause

I'm coming home now
I'm coming home now
The stars they twinkle like ice
Yeah that's how I like my nights
How they used to be