You've Been Fooled - EP

by Iceman: The Band

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Welcome back!
Looks like I did it again. Another rushed out, but satisfactory release from me, Peter. I changed the band name! What do you think? I think it sticks out a bit more than that other one. I'd love to hear your thoughts about that.
Hey, so this one has a bunch more original material on it. Well, one extra song. I don't know if I'm actually improving as a writer, or if my standards are just lowering. Probably the second one. Still though, 6ish songs in four months isn't that bad! And that doesn't even count the ones I didn't use! Go me, huh?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this release at least a little bit. That is what I aim to do, after all. Entertain. Well, my goal here is really to gain some kind of validation from internet strangers, but entertainment does factor into that somewhere. Anyway, if you liked it, please tell me! I likely know you in real life, so just come up to me and tell me it's good. I'll know what you mean.
Anyway, thanks for listening! I'll be back again somewhere around May 20th, as promised. Here's to a productive 2017!
Good luck with it all,
P.S. Oh, and I almost forgot. Should our efforts fail and the apocalypse be on our doorstep within the next four months. I will go to my grave, swinging and kicking and screaming these words; "I didn't vote for him."
Thanks again.


released January 21, 2017

Iceman: The Band is me, Peter, and my guitar Elizabeth. For this project, I had the assistance of my electric guitar Juno, and a Silvertone bass without a name. Pretty funny how I credit individual instruments as opposed to people, huh? God, that's fucking sad.
I used a number of samples on this EP. Not for anything creative, but I did use them. Here they all are:
~A section from the beginning of the middle of Episode 3 from The Secret Files by the Master Martian Broadcast Company
~Some clapping and light instrumentation from an ancient the Mountain Goats live recording
~Some noises from a TotheArk video called Decline
~And several noises from The Entertainment Sound cues pack by Cardboard Computer. I believe they were 06 - Nature Program, 07 - Drone 2, 01 - Distant Highway, and 13 - Distant Highway.
For further context, google it. I don't think anybody's going to come after me for this, but I'm pretty sure this is covered by fair use. If I'm wrong, and someone comes after me, I'll give them 100% the profits I make from this EP no questions asked.
As always, please do not pay for this album. You can if you want, but your father and I will be very disappointed in you.
Thanks for listening!



all rights reserved


Iceman: The Band Massachusetts

Hi! My name is Peter.
This band is called Iceman: The Band. It's a reference to Eugene O'Neill's 1939 play The Iceman Cometh, and it works because to think I'll ever be any good at music is a total pipe dream. Thanks!

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Track Name: The Guy You Trusted
I'm a man of many phases
But in not too many places
And I drive a car
That chitters like animals at night

I try my best to stick to the plan
And be myself as much as I can
And I hope that if I do this
I might just turn out alright

And I write these stupid songs
And I convince myself that they are not that bad
But why do they come out so forced
When everyone else's come out rad

Well, when I wake up there's no one there
And I can taste snow on the air
But as the day goes by
It just falls down as rain

And I take my car up and down
Back and forth across this town
And I am reminded
You are so very far away

What am I doing wrong
Cause this is a shitty fucking song
Should I just start over
I don't have the time
Guess I'll just keep this thing moving down the line

And I'm a big ol' fan of silence
But I just keep making noise
I'm getting better at writing self deprecating songs
But I am a child playing with broken toys

Track Name: Frisco
Took the ferry into Frisco
and it took all day
thought about your face the whole way there
thought about the things that you had to say

Not much to do in Frisco
it's always hot around here
and the fires burn bright on the beaches at night
but the place gets smaller every year

But I remember how it was
back before The Bust

You had a lot to say to me
When we talked on the phone
Said you had some information you thought I'd like to hear
And some things for which you'd like to attone

Do you remember the summer
we drove way out west
Colorado was pretty nice
But I know which part I liked best

Cause I remember how it was
back before The Bust

You and I go back
All the way down
I know your face as well as I
know my own home town
You and I were never made for one another
But I bet we can make the pieces fit
If you're willing to stick around

Took the ferry into Frisco
With a lot on my mind
Thought real hard about the things I had in front of me
But I couldn't help but focus on those that I left behind

When I get to Frisco
I'm not sure what I'll do
Maybe have another nostalgic trip
But whatever it is it's gonna involve you

Cause I remember how it was
Back before the bust
Track Name: Song For An Empty Room #2
The scalpel is a tool of the old man
As a hammer is the tool of the young
Try to summon demons in my bedroom
Stash away the candles when I'm done

All business
Because you beat out all my shame
You're gonna get what you've got coming
If I have to go insane

The future bearing down
But I will hold my ground
As long as I can
Til the very last man

The desert goes on forever here
There's nobody around
Even the trees look lonely
Growing from the cracked and ancient ground

A little broken on the inside
But at least a little Free
There are people in this world who would make
Better friends than me

The future bearing down
But I will hold my ground
As long as I can
Til the very last man

And when it arrives
I hope that someone's by my side
Because air is getting tighter
And the sun is getting brighter

Sing a few stray words
To try and simmer down my nerves
Play the right song at the right time
I'm sure I'll be just fine

The future bearing down
But I will hold my ground

There's nobody to help me
If there's nobody around

Scale makes me feel small
But I'll keep standing tall
As long as I can
Til the very last man
Til the very last man
Track Name: Approaching Storm CSP 535
Approaching the problem
Is the hardest thing to do
I can't seem to come up with words
When I can't stand the thought of You

It was basically over
A couple months ago
But we've still got to do
All the work

You've been running around
Did You think I didn't know
I'd have to be pretty blind
To miss all the places You go

The clocks on the wall are
Always ticking true
Can't say the same for You

And I know that I am just as much at fault
And I know You have your reasons to want to leave
You were half asleep when I walked into the room
And You were happy for a second before You realized it was me

The wind from the south blows cold and bitter and clear
I plant a kiss on your mouth for luck

We're gonna settle this thing right here and right now
Can't stand to think of how
Track Name: Decline
I don't remember anything
But that's just fine
I don't remember anything
but I'm sure that it all will come back in time
The shortwave signals around here
mess me all up inside
But that's alright
Cause I've
I've got nothing on my mind

Oh the air was warm
When you came home

Well, you nearly broke the glass on the front door
Before you face planted on the living room floor
Your skin was red
I didn't know how to react
They taught us about this way back when
But I can't bring the memories back up again
All I can see is black

Yeah the air was warm
When you came home

Oh the air was warm
And it nearly took form
Track Name: Pirate Adventure Parts 1 & 2
Going on a pirate adventure
Me and all my friends
We're gonna pillage this whole damn place
Together 'til the end

Going on a pirate adventure
Lookin' for doubloons
We'll scour every inch
of these God forsaken ruins

Going on a pirate quest
Lookin' for a buried chest
And the riches we find inside
Evenly we will divide
Going on a pirate quest

Going on a pirate adventure
Follow the treasure map
We'll dig dig dig until we hit it
And our hands are black

Going on a pirate adventure
Open up that box
Let's see what the captain left
Gleaming gold or worthless rocks

Going on a pirate quest
I don't know what part I like best
The adventure
The getting rich
The ancient puzzles or the alarming twists
Going on a pirate quest
Track Name: Going to Marrakesh (Cover)
This song is by the Extra Glenns. Google it.